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Illegal Compatibles

July 2019

Study Highlights Influence of Illegal Compatible Products

A recent article in Tobacco Control relating to an analysis of “JUUL-related” Instagram posts contains serious factual errors and mischaracterizations of JUUL Labs’ historical social-media activity.
February 2019

JUUL Labs Files Complaint Against four Entities Using JUUL Branding To Sell Infringing Products

A key part of our youth prevention plan includes aggressively enforcing our intellectual property rights against counterfeiters and other infringers, operators who flood the market with unauthorized, and unregulated products, about which...

Action Plan Update

In November 2018, we launched a comprehensive action plan to combat youth usage. Since then, we have taken aggressive action and have kept every single commitment we made.

Protecting Youth From Illegal, Unregulated, And Harmful Counterfeit And Infringing Products

We have been aggressively examining the market of illegal and counterfeit JUUL devices and JUUL-compatible nicotine cartridges, while also taking action to prevent these illegal and harmful products from getting into the...
November 2018

JUUL Labs Files Patent Claims Against 24 Entities In U.S., China, And Uruguay Selling Copy-Cat so-called “JUUL-Compatible” Pods that Infringe JUUL Labs’ Patents

The company remains committed to keeping fake JUUL products out of the market and away from underage users.

JUUL Labs Action Plan

This is our plan to combat underage use.
October 2018

JUUL Labs Files Complaint with the United States International Trade Commission

Juul Labs Files Complaint with the United States International Trade Commission to Prevent Importation and Distribution of Products Alleged to Infringe Juul Labs’ Patents.
September 2018

JUUL Labs Files Trademark Claims Against 30 Entities in China Selling Counterfeit JUUL Products on eBay

JUUL Labs continues comprehensive efforts to keep fake JUUL products off of the market and out of the hands of youth.

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